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Mom's Raw Post-C-Section Photo Offers Empowering Message

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Blogger Mel Watts aka The Modern Mumma went viral in April thanks to her honest post about sex during pregnancy. Now, she’s returned with an empowering take on postpartum body image. 

Four days after giving birth to her fourth child on June 5, Watts posted two photos of her belly ― one taken when she was 30 weeks pregnant and one from a few days after her caesarean section delivery.

Chances Are You’ve Stressed About This At Least Once In The Last Week

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Call it the cycle of insomnia. You stress about catching enough sleep, but that stress actually prevents you from snagging the quality snooze you need.

Trumpcare Scored So Badly It Could Actually Help The Senate

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WASHINGTON ― The health care bill crafted and passed by House Republicans received another poor score from the Congressional Budget Office on Wednesday evening, with officials estimating that the legislation would leave 23 million more Americans uninsured by the year 2026.

Devastated By Future Policy Changes? You Could Have 'Pre-Traumatic Stress'

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As politicians continue to debate the realities of climate change and the merits of future military action, some people are already experiencing the fallout – in the form of what’s being called pre-traumatic stress reactions.

How To Desensitize Your Child To A Food Allergy

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The news is suddenly full of new recommendations on how to keep your baby allergy free. But what if it is too late to prevent allergies in your household? What if you’ve already seen your little one break out in hives, swell into a bawling bruised tomato or some other scary reaction? Have the great advances in allergy understanding just come too late for you and your kid?


Psychedelic Mushrooms And LSD Are Among The Safest Recreational Drugs, Survey Finds

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Governments around the world consider mushrooms and LSD to be among the most dangerous illicit substances, but a new survey of drug users suggests that these psychedelics are actually some of the safest.

29 Magical Photos Of Dads In The Delivery Room

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It’s Father’s Day again, and we’re always down to celebrate just how awesome dads are.

So here are 29 ridiculously sweet photos professional birth photographers have captured of dads supporting their partners in the delivery room — and locking eyes with their babies for the very first time.

(BRB, going to grab some tissues.)

Captions have been edited and condensed. 

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One Drink Per Day May Raise Your Breast Cancer Risk

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Women who can’t wait to have their glass of wine at the end of the day, take note: A new report concludes that even one small drink daily can raise a woman’s risk of breast cancer.