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Health Officials To Decide If The U.S. Should Get 3 MMR Shots Instead Of 2

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Federal health officials are convening to discuss whether Americans should have three vaccines for the mumps instead of two, The Washington Post first reported this week.

Scientists Test Deep Brain Stimulation As Potential Anorexia Therapy

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A small study in 16 people with severe anorexia has found that implanting stimulation electrodes into the brains of patients could ease their anxiety and help them gain weight.

People With ADHD Have Different Brains

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The largest-ever brain imaging study on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has led scientists to say the condition should be considered a neurological disorder, not just a behavioral one.

Same-Sex Marriage Laws Linked To Powerful Drop In Teen Suicide Rate

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Living in a community that recognizes gay marriage can improve the mental health of all teens, according to a new study.

State marriage equality laws enacted in the years before the 2015 Supreme Court ruling were linked to lower rates of suicide attempts among all high school students but especially among teens who identified as gay, lesbian, bisexual or unsure.

There's A Reason Zika Virus Became A Pandemic In 2015

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The term “climate change” may bring to mind images of stranded polar bears in faraway places, but the globe’s changing weather also has serious and immediate health consequences for human beings — especially those who live in poor and developing countries.

This Heartbreaking Poem About Dating With OCD Is So Spot On

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As Republicans look at ways to replace or repair the health law, many suggest shrinking the list of services insurers are required to offer in individual and small group plans would reduce costs and increase flexibility.