Betsy DeVos at CPAC: Obama's Guidance For Transgender Students Was 'Overreach'

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After reports surfaced that she opposed the Trump administration’s recent withdrawal of federal guidance that supports transgender students’ rights, Betsy DeVos emphasized her support for the move at the Conservative Political Action Conference Thursday.

Just In Time For Presidents Day, Students Have A Message For Donald Trump

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On the day President Donald Trump was elected, Laura Jones ― a fourth-grade teacher at a predominantly Hispanic public school in Houston ― found herself facing questions she did not know how to answer.

If Charter Schools Don’t Reject This Doctrine, They’ll Cease To Be Labs of Innovation

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Regulations are strangling the charter sector.

Panic struck the education establishment over the election of President Donald Trump and his selection of school choice advocate Betsy DeVos for U.S. secretary of education. There was fear that she would preside over a dramatic expansion of nontraditional forms of education, including charter schools.

Donald Trump Didn't Actually Roll Back Any Legal Protections For Transgender Kids

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WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump outraged LGBTQ rights supporters on Wednesday when his administration eliminated Obama-era federal guidance to schools aimed at protecting transgender students from bullying and discrimination.

But it’s important to note that Trump’s action, while it sends the signal that his administration won’t stand up for transgender kids, didn’t change anything legally.

California School Under Fire After Teachers Mock Students Participating In Immigrants Strike

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Several teachers at a California high school are in hot water after posting a series of derogatory Facebook comments about students participating in Thursday’s nationwide “A Day Without Immigrants” strike.

LGBTQ Groups Slam Trump's Reversal Of Transgender Bathroom Policies

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In a troubling, if predictable, move, President Donald Trump’s administration announced Wednesday that it would revoke a federal policy prohibiting schools from discriminating against transgender students.

Finance Guru 'Tiff The Budgetnista' Shares Tips On Getting Your Money Right

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Financial educator and author Tiffany Aliche, more popularly known as Tiff The Budgetnista, stopped by The Huffington Post Black Voices’ bi-weekly talk show “BV Breakdown” ― a Facebook Live show that discusses hot topics, current events and self-care tips ― on Thursday to dish on some simple tips for managing your money.

The Agile Mindset: Learning for the Future

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This blog is the second of a five-part series looking at how the Agile Mindset at Becker College prepares students for jobs that do not yet exist. The first entry in this collection provided an overview of the college's affirmation of the Agile Mindset as the academic foundation that equips students to navigate change and create value in an ambiguous future.