Batman Cop Nabs Alleged Shoplifter With 'Lego Batman Movie'

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A police officer dressed like Batman saved the day at a Texas Walmart after a suspected shoplifter tried to make off with several DVDs, including ironically “The Lego Batman Movie.

Man Arrested For Screaming At Child Who Played 'Keep Away' With Father's Day Card

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Montrais Boyd may have had a Father’s Day he’ll never forget ― though he probably wants to.

Arizona state troopers arrested Boyd Sunday morning after a series of bizarre events that included allegations he repeatedly punched a patrol car while naked.

Thousands Mourn Nabra Hassanen At Funeral Prayer Service In Virginia

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Nabra Hassanen was laid to rest Wednesday, after a funeral service at her mosque where she was remembered as a bright, generous and energetic young woman.

World's Dumbest Burglar Loses His Pants, Then Nearly Knocks Himself Out

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Nabra Hassanen was a Muslim. She was a woman. She was a person of color. And her tragic death is another reminder that carrying all of these identities in America today can be a heavy, heavy burden.