How One Conservative Group Is Trying To Inspire Millennial Women

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At first sight, someone could mistake the college-age women wearing pink skirts adorned with white elephants and handing out flyers at the Conservation Political Action Conference as a sorority.

Watch Ellen DeGeneres Give College Scholarships To A Whole Senior Class

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This shows you should never take higher learning for granted.

On her show Thursday, Ellen DeGeneres surprised an entire high school senior class of students from Brooklyn, New York City, with college scholarships provided by Walmart.

College Rankings: What Are They Good For?

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Despite what might have started out with good intentions, college rankings have done more harm than good.

Rankings do not do what they purport to do: provide high school students with an accurate, unbiased guide to selecting the best college fit for themselves and their budgets, and to serve as an impetus to colleges to excel and to improve their rankings.

The Black Sheep's Definitive Guide To D.A.D.S.

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The variance and veracity of man's bowel movements after a night of drinking has been a problem that's plagued our species since the dawn of Saturday mornings. Right up there with life's most pressing questions -- Are we alone in this universe? Is there long-term, tangible meaning to all this bullshit? -- lies the question Does my butthole sting because a big poop physically ripped it open or is it so toxic that it's merely an acidic burn? Well, wonder no longer, dear readers, for The Black Sheep dares to take you on an adventure to identify the type and cause of 7 different types of DADS.