Confirmed: Trump Trashing Rules To Protect Students From Predatory Colleges

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It is now confirmed: Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos are trashing the Obama rules created to protect students and taxpayers from scam for-profit colleges. The purpose of these rules is to determine which career training programs are actually helping students build careers, and channel taxpayer dollars to those schools, rather than to overpriced, low-quality schools that are systematically deceiving and ripping off students.

Teen's Essay About Her Love Of Ordering Pizza Earns Her A Spot At Yale

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A Tennessee teen is encouraging others to break the mold after reportedly earning a spot at Yale University with an unusual essay about ordering pizza.

Carolina Williams announced that she had been accepted to the Ivy League school on Twitter earlier this month and shared a copy of her essay that appeared to draw high praise (and laughs) from an admissions officer.

Mom Receives Honorary Degree After Helping Quadriplegic Son Graduate

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A mother who spent the last two years helping her son get his MBA after a fall left him a quadriplegic was recognized for her incredible work on Saturday in one of the most touching ways.

For-Profit College Barons In Vegas: Have They Hit The Jackpot?

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While everyone else is glued to Comey TV, the discredited for-profit college trade association CECU is meeting this week in Las Vegas. Last year's CECU convention, held in Orlando, found the once-buoyant for-profit college owners, who have been pulling in billions in taxpayer dollars, in a sadder mood, as the weight of revelations about predatory practices in the industry had finally produced law enforcement investigations, tougher Department of Education regulations, and plummeting enrollments and revenues.

Harvard Revokes Admissions From Students Who Shared Insensitive Memes

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Maybe they’ll learn from this.

Harvard University revoked offers of acceptance from at least 10 potential freshmen after discovering they had posted memes in a Facebook messaging group mocking rape, the Holocaust and child sex abuse, The Harvard Crimson reported Sunday.

The Evolution Of Sustainability Education

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This past week we celebrated graduation at Columbia University. Throughout the week, schools gathered under tents on campus, and on Wednesday the entire university gathered for the official commencement and to hear Columbia’s President Lee Bollinger speak on the importance of free speech and the free global exchange of ideas.