Joe Biden: 'Rape And Sexual Assault Are Not About Sex. They’re About Power.'

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Former Vice President Joe Biden stopped by George Mason University Wednesday morning to speak to students about sexual assault prevention on college campuses. 

The event, held by Biden’s sexual assault awareness organization It’s On Us, was live streamed on George Mason’s website and featured faculty and student speakers, along with “13 Reasons Why” actress Alisha Boe and producer Joy Gorman.

College Grad Has Best Response To Stepdad Who Said He’d Never Finish

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Daivon Reeder, a 22-year-old from Detroit, wasn’t going to let naysayers control his fate.

When he was preparing to start Eastern Michigan University four years ago, his stepfather told him there was no point in going to orientation because he wasn’t going to graduate.

College Student Hilariously Smacks Down White Supremacist Richard Spencer

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White supremacist Richard Spencer got a supremely hilarious smack down when he spoke at Auburn University in Alabama on Tuesday night.

Safe Space For Hate Group At Lewis & Clark College

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Leftist students are often critiqued for demanding “safe spaces” from controversial speakers who come to campus, but at Lewis & Clark College we are witnessing something truly bizarre. Student organizers of an International Affairs symposium are providing a safe space for an anti-immigrant “hate group” and preventing the public from attending the session out of fears of “anger and hostility.

The Real Reason I Went To Your College

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Everyone knows that money plays a major role in students’ college enrollment decisions. How big a role?

According to a recent study by Royall & Co., the enrollment management and alumni fundraising arm of EAB, “almost one-fifth of students who were admitted to their top choice of college or university in 2016 but decided not to go there turned it down because of the cost of attendance.