Artist Crowdfunds Over $11K To Paint A Plagiarized Mural Of Michelle Obama

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Amanda Irvine and Alex Hankins have been best friends since the eighth grade. The 22-year-old residents of South Bend, Indiana, have shared laughs, tears and precious memories.

As Obama Leaves Office, He Revisits Those Who Helped Him Along The Way

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President Barack Obama isn’t just saying goodbye to the White House ― he’s also taking time to revisit many of those who were there for the journey to the top.

Attempt To Oust Pro-Transgender Equality School Board Members Fails In Illinois

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Board members in a suburban Chicago school district who voted to allow a transgender girl to use the girls locker room survived re-election Tuesday, despite opponents aggressively attempting to oust them over that decision.

Chicago Police Routinely Violate Civil Rights, Withering Justice Department Probe Finds

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CHICAGO ― The Chicago Police Department regularly violates citizens’ civil rights, routinely fails to hold officers accountable for misconduct and poorly trained officers at all levels, according to a sweeping Justice Department probe of the nation’s second-largest police department.

Cards Against Humanity Seeks CEO With Very Specific Skill Set

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Cards Against Humanity wants to hire a CEO.

But unless you happen to be former President Barack Obama, it’s probably not worth even applying for the position.

The Chicago-based politically incorrect party game’s creators posted this very specific job listing on Craigslist on Monday, detailing what they expect from potential candidates:

While many applicants may have “strong public speaking skills” and be an “excellent negotiator able to deal with stubborn opposition,” the requirement of being the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review and having a minimum of eight years’ experience as president of the United States or an equivalent nation kind of narrows the field down to one.

More Than $50,000 Raised In 1 Day For Teen Tortured On Facebook Live

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A GoFundMe campaign launched to assist the young man attacked earlier this week in Chicago has raised more than $50,000 in just a day.