Most Of The 'Game Of Thrones' Leaks You're Seeing Are Real, Says Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

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All men must die, except Jaime Lannister ― he’s not ready yet. 

That’s according to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays the Kingslayer on “Game of Thrones,” set to return with Season 7 on July 16.

‘Unforgettable’ Will Actually Make You Like Katherine Heigl Again

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A vape-smoking Katherine Heigl lounges in her character’s signature skintight dress as she plots the destruction of her ex-husband’s fiancée by way of social media.

'Star Wars' Releases Touching Tribute Video To Carrie Fisher

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On Tuesday, it was announced that Universal had picked up “Blond Ambition,” a biopic about Madonna. It didn’t take long for the Material Girl to express herself and unleash a series of Instagrams in which she openly opposed the project.

So We Might Not Be Getting More Prince Music After All

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A Minnesota judge has blocked the release of Prince’s posthumous EP, “Deliverance,” over a legal dispute between the late singer’s estate and the sound engineer who distributed his new music.

Looks Like Kendall Jenner Is Going To Ignore That Whole Pepsi Debacle

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It’s been nine days since Pepsi unleashed that incredibly tone-deaf ad starring Kendall Jenner.

The company went on to issue an apology, saying they “missed the mark” and regret putting the reality TV star at the center of their dumpster fire of a commercial.

Meghan Trainor Says Her ‘Spy Kids’ Boyfriend Is 'Obsessed' With Her Body

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Dear future self, do yourself a favor and skip this Meghan Trainor profile if you’d prefer to avoid details about her sex life with Juni Cortez — aka your “Spy Kids” childhood fave, actor Daryl Sabara.

Joey McIntyre Reveals The Best Advice Donnie Wahlberg Ever Gave Him

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Joey McIntyre can’t help but feel thankful these days.

The singer and actor just launched his own scripted show on Pop TV, and he’s about to release an EP and kick off a tour with New Kids on the Block.

This Fan's Tears Are Fast And Furious After Meeting The Rock

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The Rock is cooking up a surprise.

Jimmy Fallon and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson decided to wear mascot costumes of themselves and surprise fans at Universal Studios on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show.