Coke Lawyer Has Disgusting Explanation Why Mouse Couldn’t Be In Soda Can

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A South Dakota man claims he found a mouse in can of Coca-Cola, but the soda titan is defending itself in the suit in a rather stomach-churning fashion.

Patagonia's New Clothes Are Made From Poop And Dried Beetles

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Patagonia is putting bug poop in its new clothing line. You heard that right.

In an effort to dye its clothes without using toxic chemicals, the green-minded apparel company is making its new Clean Color Collection with natural dyes sourced from 96 percent renewable resources.

Ultra-Chill Jimmy John's Employee Takes Sweet Time During Armed Robbery

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Tuker Murray is rapidly becoming an internet legend for his cool under pressure.

The 24-year-old assistant manager at a Jimmy John’s restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri, is the clear star of surveillance footage from Wednesday, when the place was robbed.

Southwest Will Stop Overbooking Its Flights Altogether

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Southwest Airlines said on Thursday it would stop overbooking its flights, a decision that comes in the wake of a worldwide backlash against larger rival United Airlines for dragging a passenger out of the plane earlier this month.

People Of Color Bear The Brunt Of Fast-Food Explosion

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It is no secret that America’s profusion of more than 200,000 fast-food restaurants has probably gone too far, forcing us to pay a heavy toll for easy access to all that cheap, convenient and tasty food with still-growing rates of obesity and diet-related, life-threatening conditions like diabetes.

Roger Goodell Thinks Marijuana Is 'Addictive' And Bad For NFL Players. He's Wrong.

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell thinks marijuana is “addictive” and generally bad for football players, and won’t change his stance until his advisers prove that it’s medically beneficial.

Another Promise Dead: Trump Won't Back Out Of NAFTA

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Donald Trump loves to boast about his excellent negotiating skills, claiming that he’s the best of the best, but yet again could not complete a campaign promise. Trump had said he would pull the United States out of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in order to fix trade, but has gone back on his word.