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North Carolina Tells Supreme Court It's Giving Up Fight Over 'Jim Crow' Voting Law

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North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper (D) announced Tuesday he was dropping his state’s appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court over a 2013 voting bill that a federal appeals court called the most restrictive in the state “since the era of Jim Crow.

Incredible 50-Part Docuseries Explores The Lives Of Queer Men Of Color In NYC

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“The Other Boys” is an stunning new 50-part docuseries that examines the experiences of 50 different queer men of color living in New York City.

Chicago Violence Requires A Real Commitment, Not A Passing Presidential Tweet

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Donald Trump recently met with some supporters and appointees who he misled the press into believing was a meeting with African-American leaders, ostensibly as a form of outreach to our community.

During this gathering, one of the participants informed Trump that he talked to gang leaders in Chicago, that they liked and trusted him and wanted to sit down with him.

LGBTQ Community Protests Trump At Historic Stonewall Inn

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NEW YORK ― America refuses to move backward.

That was the message from thousands of LGBTQ supporters who took to New York City streets Saturday afternoon to protest President Donald Trump’s now-blocked travel ban, immigration policies and other “illegal, immoral, unconstitutional and un-American” executive orders, according to the event’s Facebook page.

The Legacy Called Obama

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From the moment I awoke, angst wrapped itself around me. This was the day I, and countless people around the world, never wanted to see. This was the day Barack and Michelle Obama would bid our country farewell as President and First Lady.