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Beyoncé's $23 Maternity Shirt Might Be Her Most Affordable Look Ever

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Until now, Beyoncé’s maternity style consisted mostly of flawless Gucci looks, gorgeous gowns and iconic headpieces.

This Video Of South Africans Dancing At A Graduation Wins The Internet

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It’s graduation season, a joyous time when scholars all over the world proudly collect their diplomas ― and maybe turn up in the process. 

In a Facebook video posted by the South African SANTS Private Higher Education Institution on April 29, an epic post-graduation moment goes down when a B Ed graduate and her family and friends have an impromptu dance party.

Can America Be Racist If We Had A Black President? Yup.

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“The implications are bizarre.”

That’s certainly true.

But what are we talking about? Perhaps the fact that the president of the United States doesn’t know basic facts about American history? Or that millions of Americans still believe climate change is a nefarious liberal plot? Or that Eric Thames is leading the league in home runs?

No, we’re talking about a recent study that concluded racism motivated Trump voters more than just about any other factor.