The Cast Of The Standalone Han Solo Movie Is Anything But Scruffy-Looking

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The cast of the Han Solo prequel has boarded the Millennium Falcon. 

Principal photography on the standalone “Star Wars” film began Monday at London’s Pinewood Studios, where “The Force Awakens” and “Rogue One” were also shot.

Dear Beyhive: Stop Whining. Beyonce Still Hasn't Earned Her Album Of The Year Grammy

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It’s funny. With all of the furor over Beyonce’s losing the Album of the Year Grammy for the third time, you’d think Katy Perry or Britney Spears had snatched the prize out of Queen Bey’s outstretched hands.

‘The Bachelor’ Season 21, Episode 8: Here To Make Friends Podcast

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One bearded hunk, 30 lovely (mostly brunette) ladies and four chances at love: It must be Nick Viall’s season as The Bachelor

This week, Claire Fallon and Emma Gray, along with guests Max Godnick and Sam Usher of The Bachelor Dudes, talk olive repulsion, luxury sweatsuits, paternal blessings and more notable moments from Episode 8 of the most shocking season in “Bachelor” history.

"I Love You, China": My Chinese Adventure

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Over the Christmas holidays I was privileged to perform with the Philadelphia Festival Orchestra on its first tour abroad and my first time playing with them.

It was the best orchestra I ever performed with as well as one of the greatest French horn sections I have ever experienced.