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About Our Audience

EdgePage users regularly influence their social networks, both online and off:
  • 39M monthly UVs
  • Users spend 36 minutes each month on EdgePage
  • Users are 30% more likely to have a HHI of $100K+

EdgePage Users are more Social

  • 62% more likely to share content on their social media accounts
  • 41% more likely to become a fan/follow a brand
  • 26% more likely to post comments on content

EdgePage Premium Content

Premium content on the EdgePage sparks conversations, placing your brand in the middle of the dialogue:
  • The EdgePage covers a wide variety of topics like politics, entertainment, business and travel by combining aggregated news content with over 6,000 original blogs
  • Noted bloggers include President Barack Obama, Alec Baldwin, and Justice Madeline Albright

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