Capitol Report: Trump threatens shutdown over border wall during heated meeting with Pelosi, Schumer

President Donald Trump argues about border security with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), right, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as Vice President Mike Pence sits nearby in the Oval Office on Tuesday. President Donald Trump on Tuesday threatened a government shutdown if he doesn’t get funding for his proposed border wall, as…

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Market Extra: Why stock-market bulls may soon be complaining about the Fed’s quantitative tightening

Fed Chairman Jerome PowellInvestors are taking some solace from remarks by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and other policy makers that have been portrayed as a signal that the pace of rate increases in 2019 may be less aggressive than previously expected. Read: Here’s what Fed officials are saying about the interest-rate outlook But these…

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In One Chart: How one investor’s Amazon misfire led to a 99% loss in his trading account

If you’re feeling bruised and battered by this whipsaw stock market, you might consider heading over to Reddit’s “WallStreetBets” board. You’ll find of plenty of company in your misery. One options-flipping YOLO’er by the name of MightBePresident, for instance, shared his story of a wildly volatile, and ultimately devastating, year of trading. Check out the…

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Weekend Investor: Investing for impact: Putting your money to work to do good

Despite low unemployment, strong economic growth and a booming stock market in recent years, countless communities across the country are still struggling. Many continue to face underperforming and often underfunded schools, inadequate housing, limited public services, and constrained economic opportunity. These disparities are often driven by inadequate access to the capital that communities across the…

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